Things to consider before choosing a health plan:


Use this helpful four-step checklist

  1. Find your doctor in our network using the online directory.

    Your doctor is likely already in our network, which includes about two out of every three doctors and three out of every four acute care hospitals nationwide.

  2. Estimate your total expected health care costs for the year

    For each plan you are considering, estimate your total out-of-pocket costs. This will include your payroll contributions, any copayments for office visits or medications, and your annual deductible.

  3. Understand what each plan covers

    Look for the plan that best meets your needs. From checkups, to help with a chronic condition, to emergency services, we have a plan that fits your life.

  4. Review the extras designed to keep you healthy

    Spend a few minutes with each plan to understand the extras they offer. These can add up to better care, more choices and lower cost for you.