Plan Selection/Cost Estimator Tool

This tool compares the annual out-of-pocket costs for the health plans you are thinking about, based on your location. The results aren't guaranteed to be your actual costs, but will help give you a “ballpark” estimate based on your needs.

By comparing plan costs side-by-side, you will be better able to choose the plan most likely to save you money over the course of the year

Click to visit the Cost Estimator Tool and:

  • Estimate how much your family's health needs may cost this year
    •  See recommended medical care for each family member by age and gender
    •  Include the cost of doctor visits and specialty care needed for chronic conditions
  • Review a side-by-side comparison of your health plan choices including
    •  How much you'll contribute to the plan from your paycheck
    •  How much you may pay out of pocket this year

Be assured that Aetna takes security measures to ensure all information you enter remains confidential.