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Aetna Choice POS II Plan
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8AM - 9PM

Aetna Concierge
Call the number on your
Aetna member ID card,
Monday-Friday, 8AM-6PM

Informed Health Line


Beginning Right 800-272-3531

Teladoc 855-835-2362

Aetna In Touch Care  

Express Scripts (formerly Medco)

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 Aetna Member Services

      Monday-Friday, 8AM - 9PM
      Online via Aetna Navigator

Aetna Concierge
     Call the number on your
     Aetna member ID Card
     Monday-Friday, 8AM - 6PM

24/7 Secure Member Website
Aetna Navigator

      Register Now
      Click on “Member Log In” then
      “Register.” Follow the prompts

      to provide basic information and
      select a user name, password
      and security phrase.

      Aetna Navigator provides access to:

       • Personal plan and health information
       • Tools and programs, including:

         - Simple Steps To A Healthier Life,
           online personalized health
           and wellness programs
         - Aetna Health Connections, help
           with chronic health conditions
         - Cost of Care Tool, estimated costs
           for care in your area
         - Discounts for fitness, weight
           management, hearing, vision, and
           complementary health care

24/7 Nurse Line and Audio Library

24/7 Online Resources
        Women’s Health